Our Mission

Inclusive and safe space for people to come and work out (whether it’s their “shiva” or their bodies.) Through teaching practical alignment based beginners yoga classes, we’re attempting to connect mind and body. It is our belief that mind body connection is the backdoor to accidental spirituality.


Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or simply looking to have fun with others, our studio is the perfect place for you.


Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance as you engage in invigorating yoga sessions.

Established in 2010, our founder and owner Suzanne Alagna opened the Bayport studio with an intention of helping people heal. In November of 2018 she joyfully became the owner of the Setauket location.

Connect with Like-minded Individuals

Our yoga family is a supportive and welcoming community. Connect with fellow yogis and build meaningful relationships that go beyond the mat.

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