Kerrie Scalia

Turning to yoga for me was initially due to a running injury that prevented me from running and working out at the gym. I was a marathon runner for years. As the miles and hours tallied up on my joints, I experienced many injuries. My breaking point was a few years ago when I fell training for the NYC marathon at mile 17.  The damaged it did to my knee and foot is unrepairable without surgery.  I tried different things to supplement my desire to run. I was defined by my running and didn’t know who I was other then a runner. When I found Hot Yoga it had the same effect as running did for me mentally. The 105° temperature with holding poses for 30-60 seconds gave my body the challenge it longed for. Not knowing, at that time, that this yoga would heal my body, mind and soul. Not only was I depressed about not being able to run, I was also drinking more than ever. Wine was my comfort, so I thought. After my first class, everything changed. I was hooked straight away going 1-2 times a week and six months later I stepped it up to 3x’s a week. Within a year I was going 4-5x’s weekly. I didn’t see the change at first. My family and friends noticed the difference in me. They noted that I was happier, friendlier and more open and compassionate. As a result, my relationship with my husband was much better, too. We used to argue over stupid things but that all stopped. I stopped drinking and my body was feeling better. My self love improved 100%. Finding self love was perhaps my greatest achievement. I had tried for years to do it but found it impossible. Yoga helped me because running and drinking were just a manifestation of my desire for happiness. As I became more happy and contented, I realized that I didn’t need these substances any more. To be the healthiest version of myself I just needed my mat and to turn inward. Back to my knee and foot injuries, they feel much better and I am able to post pone surgery maybe never need it. The heat along with movement has healed many parts of my body. I still have  arthritis in my knees which won’t go away, but it’s manageable with hot yoga. 
Yoga saved me on many levels. 
Especially right now during this pandemic. Yes I was upset, depressed,  and angry , among many emotions when the world closed. I turned to my mat and the help of my yoga instructors to turn this situation around. Daily sessions with my mat, made waking up worth it. I feel grateful that I can breath, move my body, spend time with my son (which is worth more than life) and love my home.  Yoga is a life long journey. Once you start you can’t stop growing.